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A brief word about this Neil Gitnick Website

This website was created in an effort to give ample documentation and proof to those interested that Neil Gitnick was actually fully released from any regulatory accusation ever brought and his Real estate broker license is current and in good standing. Unfortunately, with the internet being an open forum there has been some incorrect information posted about Neil Gitnick in relation to a regulatory investigation.  Although the Google indexed documents don’t show it, as you will see in the government documentation provided, the claims were fully dismissed.  If you should have any questions about Neil Gitnick, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gitnick through the business website – where he or his assistant will happily answer any questions you may have regarding this issue.

In addition to Mortgage and Real Estate, Neil has worked as an advisor at Hudson Capital Finance where he marries business owners on their way to growth with financing and business management needed to scale their businesses. The many companies that Neil has helped can be viewed on the Hudson Capital website. Each one of these individuals considers Neil and Hudson an integral part of their growth process and can attest to the quality of character that Mr. Gitnick has displayed in business over the years.

With regards to his real estate dealings, Neil Gitnick was investigated, like many others who worked during the implosion of 2008 – 2010, after the real estate bubble burst. The country’s chaotic economic times led to a lot of questions across the lending industry and many involved with significant transactions were scrutinized to ensure the legal standing of their dealings. As the records attached here show, Neil conducted his business in complete compliance with both state and federal laws and was exonerated and cleared of any wrong doing.

Neil Gitnick Dismissal
Neil Gitnick and Value Home Loan inc.
Neil Gitnick Department of Corporations
Neil Gitnick SEC document
Neil Gitnick Follow up Letter
Attorney follow up letter for Neil Gitnick
Attorney follow up letter for Neil Gitnick #2